Featuring ZK Store and Fashiowl Poses

I can be your dominatrix
Just submit to my every order
Enter my diamond matrix
Devour my golden flower

Make me your priority
There’s nothing above my pleasure
She may be the queen of hearts
But Imma be the queen of your body parts

Rihanna – Cockiness (Love It)

Second Life.  A place where you can do and be just about anything.  I know the big draw for some people is to be able to do the things they can’t, won’t or shouldn’t in their real lives.  I may or may not have been to the “dark side” in Second Life but in the great words of Forest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”! LOL

Featured today is a small sample of that “dark side”.  The super sexy lingerie, Sonia Body, is from ZK Store. There are great colors to choose from as well as a style hud that lets you wear the outfit a couple of different ways.  It is available at the Fetish Fair event which starts tomorrow.

My pose is by Fashiowl Poses and is just one of four sets available at Pose Fair – After Dark.  This one is called Basic Instinct and it includes the chair prop and the riding crop.  Pose Fair – After Dark runs through the 31st.  Go see the other great poses Fashiowl Poses has there.


What Victoria is Wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Margaret

Outfit – ZK Store – Sonia Body @ Fetish Fair

Gloves – Meva – Sora Gloves

Earrings – Mandala – Tempura Tassel Earring

Boots – Addams – Belle Transparent Boots


Fashiowl Poses – Basic Instinct @ Pose Fair – After Dark



Old’s Cool Lift-up Stool

{What Next}

Large Beer


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