A Walk With Mother Nature

A Walk with Mother Nature

Take a quiet walk with mother nature. It will nurture your mind, body, and soul.

I love the nature feel of this photo.  I recently purchased the Skye River Set and this is my first photo with it and it certainly won’t be my last.  It would work really well for those wanting to add water to their scenes but may only have sky access for their blogging purposes.

My dress/slip/gown is from *SK* and is available at the Trunk Show going on now.  It comes in 11 color option and you get 2 fabric options with each color.  The white I am wearing would make beautiful wedding shots of the bride getting ready for her big day.  So pretty!  The Trunk Show is open until September 18th.

Speaking of beautiful, how lovely are these peacocks?  Surely that tail is the envy of every other bird in the pheasant family!  Yes, you read that correct.  Peacocks are members of the pheasant family…who knew?  Now we both do, don’t we!   The Peacocks are available at the main store and come in white also.

The weather in the south is just (barely) starting to turn a little but before long I will be able to start my evening walks again without suffering from heatstroke.  I look forward to visiting with Mother Nature again!


What Victoria is Wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Kaijah

Dress – *SK* – Eria @ The Trunk Show

Head Accessory – *LODE* – Tulips & Cherries Branch


Serendipity Poses – Freya #1


Heart Garden Center

Wildflowers Japanese Anemone @ Uber

Harmony Tulips


Studio Skye

Skye River Set

Skye Log Bridge

Skye Enchanted Woods

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Male Peacock – Tail Up

Peacock Female

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