Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn

Just WOW!  Wait until you hear about this new cottage from {Old Barn Door}.  It is the most complete home I have ever seen as far as the detail AND what all is included.  It would actually be a lot easier for me to tell you what is NOT included.  That would be the rocking chairs, the cats and just a couple of the outlying trees.

This is perfect for those who are great at landscaping AND for those who aren’t.  The cottage actually rezzes almost exactly as shown here.  I moved the bench in the front yard and the mailbox so you could see them better and added a few more mums to the front of the fence.  So for those that don’t have a greenthumb, no worries…just rez it and it will look almost exactly as shown here.  You can go straight to decorating the inside.  For those of you that are SL gardeners you have a bunch of landscaping items included that you can use with this home or ANY home.  There are flowers, bushes, vines, trees, fencing, dirt road, planters, grass…just so much that we usually pay extra for when landscaping.

The house is adorable inside as well.  There are working shutters, working lights on the porch and barn (YES, that is included too!), a fireplace…just so much to mention with this set.  The creator has really gone all out to include everything you need to create a beautiful fall home that can easily transition into winter, spring and summer. Oh, it comes with modify permissions also so you can change the color easily (as I did).  A paint job has never been so easy!

Inside, there is a cute built in bench that includes animations and the garden seat also has animations.  The home comes in PG and Adult versions.  Now, as if all of this wasn’t enough, the creator is offering a special bonus.  If you purchase the cottage, leave a review on the Marketplace and she will personalize the mailbox with the last name of your choosing.  All the details will be included in a notecard that comes along with the cottage.  Go see it in world!  You will love it!



{Old Barn Door}

Marketplace Link

Apple Blossom Cottage – Cottage includes all of the following:

Apple Blossom Cottage
Apple Tree
Apple Tree 2
Dirt Road
Dirt Road Front of House
Flower Box
Front Bushes/Flowers
Front Door [Wreath]
Grass Bunch
Grass Single
Grass Small Patch
Mums Decor
Path 1 (Large)
Path 2
Path 3
Side Bushes, Flowers, Ivy
Small Fall Aspen Tree
Medium Fall Aspen Tree 2
Large Fall Aspen Tree 3
Wood Pile
Garden Seat w/ Ivy
Garden Sea

{What Next}

Bramley Rocking Chair

 Just Animals

Calico Cat Lying

Calico Cat Paw Lick


Garden Tree 08 Green


The Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

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