Chained Up

Chained Up

I’ve been trying to expand my photo editing skills.  I don’t own or have any idea how to use Photoshop but I am having fun playing around with the program I do use.  It also helps when you can use your imagination and think outside the box a little bit.

The jewelry, the Alisha set from Meva, is bold and the set includes several pieces and I didn’t want them to get lost among hair and clothing.  I don’t do a lot of photos that show this much skin but to show off this jewelry I thought a blank canvas (so to speak) was the best choice.  I have turned the necklace around for this shot and you could actually wear it this way with the right top…thinking backless turtleneck halter here.  It is unrigged so you can position it to work with whatever you want to pair it with.

The full set includes the pieces shown as well as a bracelet and headpiece.   You also get a hud with metal and gemstone color options.  If you missed it at FaMESHed, you can check it out at the Meva main store.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Elixir

Jewelry – Meva – Alisha Set

*Set includes necklace, earrings, headpiece, bracelet, belly chain and upper arm chain*


Lyrium – Pose Collection Hud – On the Floor Pack #10


Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

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