Madame Zamora’s Wares

Madame Zamora's Wares

Featuring Refuge

I don’t usually schedule or do a blog post for Sundays…not for any particular reason other than it’s just a total “relax day” with my hubby.  We wake at our leisure, have a nice breakfast and just chill and see how the day unfolds.  Today however, is September 1st so that means that The Arcade is OPEN!

Here is a cute little set from Refuge that has quite a few pieces, some in three different colors.  The buffet is the only rare item and the other pieces consist of the jar of moon dust, lights, star bursts, hanging candles, floor candles, tapestries and the moon mirror.

The Moon Dust jar is my favorite.  It is filled with twinkling lights and has a little tie around the jar that has stars on the ends of the string.  Great detail and super cute.  Head over to The Arcade and check it out.  Remember, this is a super popular event so be patient about getting in.  Unlike gumball machines, these gacha machines never run out and never need refilling!




Luna Collection Gacha @ The Arcade

Buffet Table (Rare)
Floor Candles White
Tapestry A
Tapestry B
Stringed Lights
Moon Mirror
Moon Dust
Hanging Candles A
Hanging Candles B
Star Burst Gold
Star Burst Purple
Star Burst Blue


Dream Lantern Moon

 Just Animals

Grey Tabby Cat Sitting (color modified)

WIP Work in Progress

Old Caravan (modified)

Lunar Seasonal Designs

Fortune Teller’s Crystal Ball (includes table & chairs)

Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods 


Cher – Gypsies’s, Tramps & Thieves

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