Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine

Featuring MudHoney

I love a splash of yellow in a room, especially in summer.  If I didn’t have dogs and at the hair that goes along with them, I am sure at least one room in my house would be done in all white and yellow.  Until then, there is always Second Life…where you never have to worry about dirt, dust or dog hair.

Here I am featuring a couple of new releases from MudHoney.  The Vega Dresser Set includes multiple decor pieces along with the dresser.  The dresser, boxes and candle also include texture change options.  Everything is super low prim as well, in fact the dresser is just ONE prim!  You can’t beat that. The set is available at FaMESHed.

I left this room a bit uncluttered on purpose to show off the actual structure….looks like a room in a house right?  Nope!  It is one of the new Photo Rooms available at The Arcade.  There are 7 “rooms”, no rares and all include a hud so that you can change colors on the walls, floor, windows, trim, etc.  This is perfect for bloggers who need a room without the rest of the house!  I love that there are windows in some of them.  I highly recommend these!




Vega Dresser Set @ FaMESHed


Box Large
Box Small
Vase S
Vase M
Vase L

MudHoney Photo Room #4 @ The Arcade

Amy Plant
Relaxed Shades
Delilah Chair
Throw Pillow Gold Polka Dots
Throw Pillow Gold Edge
Throw Pillow Gold Chevron
Amy Basket


Sentimental Reason Gacha #4 (Rug)


Rosette End Table


Chroma Glass Shelf


Modernism Frames @ The Arcade


Gilded Sunburst Mirror

Gilded Blumen Mirror

Dust Bunny

Fiddle Leaf Tree

The Little Branch

Weeping Willow V2


Twinkling FLower Bush

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