Dog Gone Good Cocoa!

Dog Gone Good!

Featuring Sway’s for Fifty Linden Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  We have another great round of shopping to do for Fifty Linden Friday and you don’t want to miss the item offered at Sway’s.  It’s the Leora Kettle and Mugs.  The kettle and mugs come on the wood slice tray and are available in 3 options; red, yellow and green.  You also get single mugs of cocoa with either marshmallows or cinnamon sticks.  The single mugs are scripted with holding and drinking animations.  Perfect for a chilly fall day!

Sway’s has the Eileen Autumn String Lights Kit out for the sale as well.  They come in 5 shapes and the lights are done in great fall and Halloween colors.  Don’t miss these!




Leora Kettle and Mugs


Autumn – Mountain Pup


Autumn Stump *Previous Group Gift*

Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods

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