Remy – The Finest Chef in France

Remy - The Finest Chef in France.png

“Anyone Can Cook”

Ok…my love of Disney is showing but I mean, come on!!  Vespertine knew this was going to happen!!  For those who haven’t drank the Disney koolaid, this is my re-creation from the movie Ratatouille.  It is a super cute movie and I couldn’t resist. That is all…carry on…nothing more to see here except an adorable mouse showing off his cooking skills!  Well done Vespertine!




Ratatouille Baking Pan @ Belle Event

Rustic Cookbook Stand @ Belle Event


Cream Mouse Standing


Chef Hat

Sharkfin Landscapes

Paris Dreams Wall Decal


Ratatouille Medley (Music from Ratatouille)

Pixel Mode (Now Closed)

The Vintage Chef Bakeware Clutter

The Kitchen Cookbooks

The Kitchen Salt n Pepper

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