Get On A Trail

Get On A Trail

Featuring Promagic and Fashiowl Poses

I miss bike riding.  My last go around with cancer and a related surgery mishap that paralyzed a vocal cord, has left me with some lovely side effects that are seemingly here to stay.  Until just recently I would be out of breath at the end of a shower so I can’t imagine what riding a bike would do.  It seems like it’s a little better and I am hoping to get back on my bike as soon as the weather cools back down.  We have been back to 90+ this past week and that’s to hot for me!  Maybe it will be cool enough in say…January!!

So I have posted these little “advice” tips in the past and will continue here.

Advice from a Bicycle

Get in gear
Face the headwinds
Coast when you need to
Know when to put the brakes on
Don’t let the rough spots derail you!

Sounds right to me!  Check out the credits for all the details and have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Damiana @ Equal10

Nails – e.marie – Keep It Simple 3

Top – Promagic – RAWR Top @ Cosmopolitan

Shorts – Promagic – RAWR Shorts @ Cosmopolitan

Thigh Pocket – Promagic – RAWR Thigh Pocket @ Cosmopolitan

Waist Chain – Promagic – RAWR Waist Chain @ Cosmopolitan


Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods


Fashiowl Poses 

Walk This Way *includes bike* @ Vanity Event


Maude Latour – Ride My Bike

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