Wander Free


Wander FreeShe always had that look about her,
that look of otherness, of eyes that
see things much too far, and of thoughts
that wander off the edge of the world.

-Joanne Harris

This post is a tribute to Autumn Rose, a Second Life resident who passed away recently.  I did not know her personally but I did know her work.  She took beautiful photos showing her love for life and her love for friends.  I know she leaves behind many friends, family and loved ones both in our virtual world as well as the real world.

This really brought back memories of my father who passed in April and I would just like to share something that was said to me then that was the one thing I held on to and still hold on to when the sadness creeps in.  My brother said to me then, “he would not want you to be sad”, and he was right.  Of course we can’t help but be sad when we experience the death of someone we love but I know when I was at my lowest points, I would force my mind to go back and grasp those words and repeat them.  I believe those words with my whole heart….those who loved us, still love us and they would not want us to be sad.

I have seen her friends and loved ones describe her as someone who was full of love and light and someone who loved life.  Based on that description, I think the words my brother spoke to me then also fit here….Autumn Rose would not want you to be sad.  Live not only the days ahead, but all the days of your future, with those words in mind and in a manner that would make her smile.  Wishing all of those she touched, in all lives, peace and the best of memories.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Gabby

Top – Addams– Lexy T-Shirt

Pants – Meva – Cargo Pants

Boots – ::ROC:: – Martens Boot High


Studio Skye – Cuesta Rock

HPMD – Shrub Green

BAGS & BAGS – Camping Bag


Fashiowl Poses 

Adventure #9 @ Tres Chic


Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Elton John

The Edge of the World

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