Featuring [Krescendo] and The Little Branch

Well I was reminded early this morning of why I don’t miss Michigan winters.  Yes, I miss snow at Christmas but I do NOT miss the cold and it is freezing, literally, here today.  Even the dogs didn’t want to go outside this morning.

To warm things up a bit I did a nice tropical picture today featuring items from the Pure Shores gacha set by [Krescendo].  The gacha release is currently at 6 Republic.  If you haven’t been yet…well get going!  Lots to see!

I am also featuring the Bottle Palm from The Little Branch.  There is nothing like palm trees for setting a tropical scene and I love that these are a shorter style tree so that you can still see the green fronds as you walk among them.  Definitely paradise in my mind!  You can find the Bottle Palm at the main store.  Stay warm!



[Krescendo] at 6 Republic

Pure Shores Gacha

Bungalow Stairs
Snake Blood Bottle
Snake Blood Glass
Snorkel Decor

The Little Branch

Bottle Palms
Beach Sand
Wildgrass Dry

Aphrodite Shop – The Silver Seahorse Beach Table

Dust Bunny

Beach Day Lounge Chair
Beach Day Net Bag

BamPu Legacies

Hacienda Plumeria Hanging Plant
Hacienda Orchid Parrot Hanging Plant


Sade – Paradise


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