A Room With A View

A Room With A View

Featuring MudHoney

Christmas ambiance doesn’t always have to come in shades of red and green.  You can go with neutral colors or even black and white as shown here and still create that festive feeling.

I am featuring some great items from MudHoney today.  The Rosebud Bedroom Set is currently available at 6 Republic.  6 Republic has a theme of movies and TV this round and this set was based on the television show Schitt’s Creek.  I don’t watch a lot of tv so of course I had to Google some images and WOW…. MudHoney got this set perfect right down to the detailed pattern on the dresser and nightstand.  The show actually sounds quite funny and I think I will have to check it out.

Also from MudHoney is the Larson Fireplace set.  It was the perfect choice for my black and white Christmas vibe and includes not only the fireplace in both black and white but also a wreath, stockings in several patterns, stocking holders and beaded garland in red, black and white.

It looks like it’s Santa approved because he has left gifts under the tree even though there doesn’t seem to be anyone “settled down for a long winter’s nap”.  I think he stopped just to check out the bedroom.  Have a great weekend!




Rosebud Bedroom @ 6 Republic

Rosebud Bed
Rosebud Lamp
Rosebud Nightstand
Rosebud Dresser
Rosebud Coasters

Larson Fireplace Set

Larson Fireplace
Larson Stockings
Larson Wreath
Larson Stocking Holders
Larson Garland Black
Larson Garland Red
Larson Paper Stars

Dust Bunny Christmas Presents

Apple Fall – Heritage Christmas Tree

DRD– Rug Round Red

Unrepentant – Santa’s Sleigh Silhouette

Botanical – Douglas Fir

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