Winter Snuggles

Winter Snuggles

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

I am in love with this new Vintage Sled from DaD Virtual Living, but then again I love most anything vintage….especially Christmas things.

The Vintage Sled can be used indoors or out and has single animations for male and female avatars, animations for friends and loads of lovely couple cuddles.  It comes in Adult and PG versions so the Adult version includes 41 adult couple animations in addition to all the animations found in the PG version.  The candles are on/off by just a touch.  You can find the sled at Uber.  Go grab your favorite guy or gal and get your snuggle on!



DaD Virtual Living

Vintage Sled @ Uber

Brocante – Farm Bucket Sapling @ Tannenbaum

Bygone Designs  – Garland Pepper & Pomegranate

Pixel Mode – Snow Forms (no longer available)

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