A Christmas For The Birds

A Christmas For The Birds.png

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection and {Old Barn Door}

So tell me…how stinking cute is this miniature vintage truck complete with Christmas tree….just like the big version that I love so much.  These Christmas elves have headed to the woods and are delivering a freshly cut tree to the birds because even birds want to celebrate Christmas you know!

|T|L|C| Home Collection has a great variety of birds.  Songbirds, woodland birds, ducks and swans….and even dragons, right True? (Well he has wings so I say he counts.)  Birds and animals really add something to photos I think, even though I sometimes forget to add them until after I am staring at the blank spot of a fully edited photo.  Be sure to check out TLC’s mainstore for a wide selection of birds and animals…and dragons.

The little red Christmas truck is from {Old Barn Door} and is available at the mainstore along with a bunch of other adorable Christmas decor.  Stop in and take a peek!



{Old Barn Door}

Red Truck Christmas Decor
Snowy Pines

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Red Cardinal
Great Tit
Green Finch


Christmas Elf Frost (gacha item)
Christmas Elf Shiny (gacha item)


Stringlight Clutter


Charming Ornament 1C @ Tannenbaum

A Christmas For The Birds

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