Featuring Refuge, United Colors, RichB. and Fashiowl Poses

I am loving the holiday vibe going on in this photo.  The Josette jacket and skirt by United Colors is beautiful and sexy.  In my opinion sexy is NOT determined by the amount of skin you are showing and this outfit shows the perfect amount.  My Noel earrings are from RichB. and are beautiful and edgy at the same time.  I put on a bright splash of my favorite Christmas red lipstick and I’m ready to go to any holiday party that comes along….that or I am looking completely fab standing in the middle of all my semi built blogging scenes!  Both the outfit and the earrings are available at Tlalli – The Fair Around the World.

Most of the time I build scenes around my photos but sometimes when I want to show items a little closer I need to use a backdrop but I usually don’t want a plain background.  This is where I really like to use items in a way that they were not actually designed for but they look great in the end result.  These wire Christmas trees are from Refuge and were originally released during Christmas 2017.  They made repeat appearance at this years round of Tannenbaum and still look great!  They come in red, green, gold and white with pretty lights circling the frame.  Tannenbaum is about to wrap up for this year so hurry over and do that last minute shopping.  Tannenbaum closes on the 20th.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Margaret

Outfit – United Colors – Josette Jacket & Skirt @  Tlalli – The Fair Around the World

Earrings – RichB. – Noel Earrings @ Tlalli – The Fair Around the World


Refuge – Wire Christmas Trees @ Tannenbaum


Fashiowl Poses – Winterlong @  Tres Chic


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