She Blinded Me With Science

She Blinded Me With Science

Featuring CELESTE and Birth

Well, between all of the holiday festivities, company, trips to and from the airport dropping off my bonus children has caught up to me and I have caught a bug of some kind.  I had my flu shot so I don’t think it’s full blown flu but it’s definitely more than just a cold.  I was able to move off the couch today to do a bit of blogging so that’s a bit of improvement I will gladly take!  I am going to keep this short and sweet so I don’t end up back on the couch all day.

I am featuring a couple of great items that are currently at The Liaison Collaborative.  First are these great earrings and necklace from CELESTE.  They are part of the Molecular Jewelry Gacha  and I am showing the Caffeine design and yes, that really is the molecular structure for caffeine…I Googled!  Other pieces include Dopamine and Serotonin.  They come in 3 metal options; Silver, Gold and Rose.  Fun pieces and I love the originality.

Next is a really cool set of eyes from Birth.  It’s the Glimmer Custom Eye System and they are fully customizable.  You can change the iris, whites, pupils and the animated overlay.  The animated overlay is fun to play with.  You can control the speed of the “glimmer” and really make your eyes sparkle….very eye catching…no pun intended!

Be sure to pay a visit to The Liaison Collaborative, now open until January 26th!



What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth– Elixir

Eyes – Birth – Glimmer Custom Eyes Set @ The Liaison Collaborative

Earrings – CELESTE – Caffeine Molecular Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative

Necklace – CELESTE – Caffeine Molecular Necklace @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Celeste Mainstore move in progress*


Lyrium Poses – Pose Collection Hud – Model Pack Pose 7


Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science

She Blinded Me With Science


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