Waiting For Storytime

Waiting For Storytime

Featuring The Little Branch, |T|L|C| Home Collection and Sway’s

You’ll find my heart in the deepest of oceans, of the highest of mountains, the tallest of trees. I’m in love with the sun, each star in the sky, this beautiful world and the journey of life.

Christy Ann Martine

The quote above…it’s not just a string of pretty words.  It is my outlook on life…most of the time anyway.  I am a cancer survivor.  In fact I am a TWO time cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed first at the age of 42 and then again nine years later thanks to the BRCA2 gene mutation that went undiscovered the first time around.

I don’t often think about the fact that I had cancer, not even when all the scars stare back at me from the mirror.  I think I’m lucky in this way.  I know for some becomes part of their every day thoughts…sometimes in good ways and sometimes in negative ways.  I am thankful that my mind doesn’t immediately jump to “ohmygodthecancerisback” at every new ache or pain.  I only write about it now because my Facebook timeline reminded me of a post from 3 years ago.  It said “Final day of chemo!  I did it…again!”

I will say this…Cancer changes you, as I’m sure any life threatening disease or illness does.  For me those changes were all about my outlook on life.  What is important and what is not became crystal clear and my takeaway thought was this…None of us are here on earth that long in the grand scheme of things and so for however long I am here, I want to be happy.  Now obviously I am not happy 100% of the time but I do think I am happier than a lot of people I know.  Not because I am better or have better but because I’m making the choice to be happy…to find ways to be happy and to feel happy, to embrace what makes me happy and steer clear of what doesn’t.

I am sure I have rambled a bit but there you have it…my New Year’s outlook.  I want to live each day being as happy as I can be and I wish you all the same.



The Little Branch

Forest Pansy Tree @ Uber
*Animated Crispy Grass included*


[Mira] Covered Bench
*Available for Wanderlust Weekend*
*Bench is only 50L today and tomorrow*

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Red Fox Adult
Red Fox Cub Sitting
Red Fox Cub Laying

{Old Barn Door} – Mason Jar Lemonade

Dust Bunny

Book Pile
Beach Day Breezy Book

Studio Skye – Ancient Wall

Heart Garden Center – Ancient Stone Pathway

Waiting For Storytime

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