That 80’s Vibe

That 80's Vibe

Featuring Vinyl and Fashiowl Poses

I’m not sure if anyone feels the 80’s vibe in this picture or if it’s just me.  I think the bright colors reminded me of all the early 80’s neon and I was listening to my 80’s playlist while I worked on the photo.  So like I said…maybe it’s just me but I was TOTALLY feeling it….TOTALLY! *winks*

I came across a photo of a cute shirt that was all about going to high school in the 80’s and it was so accurate and brought back a lot of memories as I let my mind wander. Here’s what it was like to go to high school during the 80’s and for the record I am “Class of 1983”!  Go Wildcats!

We didn’t have cell phones.
We studied at the library.
We couldn’t break up with each other via text.
We passed notes in class.
We listened to the radio REALLY loud.
We partied in fields in the back of trucks.
We weren’t bullies, we were badasses.
We went to school in the 80’s!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Runaway– Melly

Top – Vinyl – 20/20 Cami Top @ Anthem

Jacket – Vinyl – Hindsight Denim @ Anthem

Shorts – Blueberry – Pia Denim Shorts

Fishnets – Blueberry – Pia Fishnets

Waist Bag – [DDL] – Wild

Barrette – Cae – Glam Barrettes – Star

Sunglasses – Dahlia – Liona Sunglasses


Fashiowl Poses – Winterlong – Pose 6


Brighton Bay

That 80's Vibe

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