All Work And No Play

All Work And No Play

Featuring Why Not?, CandyDoll, Refuge and Lyrium Poses

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you all can escape the “all work and no play” and instead have all play and no work!  It doesn’t look like I am getting much work done here in my photo and one of my pups seems to have found some mischief to get into as well.

Let’s get right to the cuteness.  The Rosy Isla Desk set is from Why Not? and includes all the decor shown on the desk as well as the neon heartbeat pulse decor. It also includes the chair I am sitting in but I am using a different pose for the photo.  The pose is from Lyrium Poses and is from the Eva set which is available at the new mainstore.  Be sure to check and see if you have picked up the newest group gifts while you’re there.

My outfit is from CandyDoll and is perfect for lounging around in on a Saturday or anyday!  The Blair Pajamas debuted at Kinky Event and can now be found in the main store.

Last but not least is the Love Bites neon sign.  It is from Refuge and was one of the items from the previous Sweets Shop gacha that first appeared at The Arcade.  If you have that set you may want to fish through your inventory and find it because it’s perfect to use for Valentine’s Day decor and/or photos.  Don’t have it?  Need it?  Want it?  Head over to the main store and check it out.  Like the lottery ad says…”You can’t win if you don’t play!”


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Summer Day (gacha item)

Pajamas – CandyDoll– Blair Pajamas


Why Not? – Rosy Isla Desk Set

Refuge – Sweets Shop Neon Sign Pink


Love Pugs #4 – Flower Crown
Love Pugs #5 – Sleepy Family

Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants Ivy Planter


Spilled Candy Hearts
Spilled Liquid

Eliavah – Stillglass Roses

Barnesworth Anubis – Paris Penthouse


Lyrium Poses – Eva Series – Pose 3


Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

All Work And No Play

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