Roses Are Red, Champagne is Pink

Roses Are Red, Champagne Is Pink...

Featuring Why Not?

Roses are red
Champagne is pink
If you want this set
Just click on the link.

What?  No good?  I guess that is why I take pictures instead of writing poetry.  I was just trying to be descriptive…. and informative…while rhyming….ok…moving right along!

I am featuring this upcoming gacha set from Why Not?  Mimi’s Cozy Corner set will be at Imaginarium which starts on February 1st.  It has everything you need to make a beautiful arrangement perfect for cuddling with your Valentine.  I love the shabby chic textures on all of the pillows and this would be lovely on your springtime patio or in a cozy she-shed.  Lots of pretty pieces to collect….. including red roses and pink champagne.  Enjoy!



{Why Not?}

Mimi’s Cozy Corner Gacha @  Gacha Garden (Starts Feb. 1st)

Chaise *RARE*
Chair *RARE*
Table & Lamp
Champagne Bucket
Champagne Glasses
Love Wall Art
Glitter Black Candle
Glitter Pink Candle
Glitter Silver Candle

{What Next} – Summer Window Box

Dust Bunny – Pink Medinilla Plant

Ariskea – Doucy Lace Curtain

NOMAD – Lily of the Valley

Barnesworth Anubis – Hamptons Cottage

Roses Are Red, Champagne Is Pink...

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