When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

Featuring Crate, MudHoney and Sway’s

I think lemons got the raw end of the deal with that phrase.  After all, what’s so bad about lemons.  They’re tasty and smell great.  They are bright and cheery, make a refreshing beverage and are used in delicious desserts.   So I prefer to think that when life gives me lemons, it’s a good thing!  I can think of a lot more appropriate words to describe the curveballs life can sometimes throw at us…but lemons isn’t one of them.

I am featuring a new release from Crate.  It is the Junkyard Art Set which will be available today at The Liaison Collaborative.  The set features four unique pieces that give a great vintage/rustic feel to your outdoor seating spaces and will also look beautiful in a myriad of other designs.  They are sold separately or as a fatpack.  The Liaison Collaborative opens at 3 pm SLT.

I have combined the Crate pieces with some beautiful pieces from the Talia Collection by MudHoney.  There is a bench, a pouf, drapes, a rug and a few other decor items.  All are sold separately so you can purchase only what you need or want.  There are color choices on the bench and pouf and the drapes are texture change.  See the credits for all of the included pieces and be sure to check out the lovely display at the main store where you can see all of the color choices.

The shelving comes from Sway’s and is really versatile.  It can be used horizontally as wall shelving as I have done here but can also be used vertically as a freestanding unit or even as a room divider.  I love pieces like this that can be used it so many different ways!



Crate @ The Liaison Collaborative

Junkyard Art Messy Stack
Junkyard Art Tub Chandelier
Junkyard Art Bucket Hanger
Junkyard Art Stack Stool


Talia Bench – Includes Pillows
Talia Drapes
Talia Pouf
Talia Books
Talia Rug
Talia Rock Bowl
Talia Candle
Vintage Bowl Single – Yellow
Vintage Mixing Bowls Nested – Yellow

Sway’s – Jasper Concrete Shelf/Room Divider

Apple Fall

Charlotte’s Pears
Spring Tulips – French
Stacked Books
Argentinian Malbec


Gilded Sunburst Mirror
Gilded Blumen Mirror
Glitter Silver Candle

tarte. – Book Page Frame

Chez Moi – Lemon Tree

Ariskea – Succulent Plant Silver

NOMAD – Crocus Bucket Yellow

Simply Shelby – Metal House Lanterns

PILOT – Tote on Rack

Old Barn Door – Rustic Daisies

A.D.D.Andel – Painted Jar Planter

Asteroidbox – 1940’s Camera

Zaara – Pile of Books (Jodhpur Blue Gacha item)

hive – Tabby’s Terrace Skybox

When Life Gives You Lemons

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