I’ve Got Love On My Mind

I've Got Love On My Mind

Featuring Sway’s and DaD Virtual Living

Love is in the air…literally!  This adorable Valentine basket from DaD will give you a perfect ending to your Valentine date this February 14th.  After the fancy dinner and romantic dancing you can head back to your place and get your cuddle on in style with the Oh My Valentine Basket from DaD Virtual Living.  The basket comes in PG and Adult versions and also includes single and friend animations.  The basket is available at Anthem which is open now until February 28th.

Keeping in theme with the holiday is the new gacha set from Sway’s.  The Roja Romantic Pergola gacha is at the current round of Gacha Garden.  There are 19 pieces to collect, 2 of which are rares.  I am featuring the rare trellis in pink, pink hanging hearts, pink heart bunting and the Seeds of Inspiration items which are the topiaries with hearts.  Almost all of the pieces come in pink and red so will work great together no matter which ones you get.  Additional pieces available but not shown are a floor for the trellis, a bench and and floor petals.  There is also a gift of a super cute heart shaped table frame….perfect for adding a favorite photo of your Valentine and keeping it on your nightstand. The Gacha Garden ends on February 29th…yes, we actually have one of those this year!  Happy shopping!



DaD Virtual Living – Oh My Valentine Basket @ Anthem

Sway’s @ Gacha Garden

Trellis with Ribbons
Hanging Hearts A – Pink
Heart Bunting Mix – Short – Pink
Topiary with Hearts Tall Pink
Topiary with Hearts Small Pink

Heart Garden Center 

Harmony Tulips
Wildflowers – Poppies
Ancient Stone Pathway


Sweet Garden Grass02 – Green
Garden Tree10 A
Garden Tree10 B
Garden Tree10 C

Organica – Cosmos

Jian – Chipmunks (Headsitter and Shoulder Buddy)


I’ve Got Love On My Mind · Natalie Cole

I've Got Love On My Mind

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