Isn’t It Romantic

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Featuring Lyrium Poses

Ok, ok…this post is different from my usual posts in that it doesn’t featured sponsored fashion or decor items.  It does, however, feature a great pose from Lyrium Poses.  Lyrium Poses poses are my usual “go to” for most of my avatar fashion shots.  In fact,  I owned the complete Lyrium Blogger Pack before they even became a sponsor of mine.  That pack is a must for every blogger, new or old.  The featured pose is from the Bella Series, available at the main store.

I say it’s different because it is a “just because” photo.  Meaning, that I loved the items so much I wanted to do a photo using them even though I slapped the Lindens down to buy them myself.  Actually that is how most Second Life bloggers start blogging.  We just start taking photos with things we already own and love….at least that is how I started.

This photo all started with the dress.  I saw the photo on Annie Melson’s Flickr page and fell in love.  Annie Melson is the creator behind Just Because and she did a beautiful job on this Alicia Gown, currently at Collabor88.  It feels so vintage Hollywood to me and I do love the Golden Age of Hollywood with all of its glamour and glitz. The fashion was amazing and so were the women that wore it: Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Bette Davis…I could go on and on.

Next came along this beautiful floral archway from Foxwood.  It was out for this past weekends Saturday Sale and I snatched it up knowing it would make a beautiful background for photos or in a lovely spring garden.  I hope you managed to grab yours!

Anyway, I love my new purchases and hope all my fellow bloggers don’t get so busy with sponsored photos that they don’t have time to find beauty in things that inspire them to take photos “just because”….no pun intended!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux – Marie @ Collabor88

Dress –  Just Because – Alicia Gown @ Collabor88

Earrings – Cae – Reign Spring Earrings

Necklace – KUNGLERS – Halime Necklace

Ring – KUNGLERS – Bariska Ring


Foxwood @ Floral Archway

Heart Garden Center – Queen Ann’s Lace


Lyrium Poses – Bella Series – Pose 5


Isn’t It Romantic? (Theme From “Sabrina”) – Ella Fitzgerald

Isn't It Romantic

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