The Yin To My Yang

maitThe Yin To My Yang

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, [Krescendo], ZK Store, Lyrium Poses and by Nacht

Well, today is the day.  Valentine’s day!  We should see a sharp decrease in the amount of red and pink in the Flickr feed.  I mean I love pink…and red…and hearts just as much as the next person but I’m ready to move along to spring.  There will still be reds and pinks but there will also be yellows, oranges and purples.  In other words, I’m ready for spring!

For my obligatory “couple” Valentine photo I decided to go with a black and white theme rather than the red, white and pink.  It was an easy decision thanks to some great new releases.

First up is the Yin & Yang Bedroom Set from DaD Virtual Living.  It comes in both PG and Adult versions and includes the bed, 2 rugs and the coffee table.  The animations, in my opinion, are some of the best in Second Life.  They are smooth and very natural…and those are the singles..so you can use your imagination on the adult ones….or head to FaMESHed X and try them out for yourself…be sure to bring your Valentine…or any good friend will do…and keep your clothes on until you get home! *Laughs*

Next are these beautiful chairs from Krescendo.  The textures are just AMAZING!  There is a soft sheen to them that is so..well…amazing.  The chair comes with a texture hud to create your own look,  There are 17 color options for the back, cushion, buttons and trim and 11 options on the metal base.  I really like the metal base.  It looks like wood but the metal color choices are way more fun!  It is currently at Belle Event which ends on the 16th.  Hurry now or catch it in the Krescendo main store after the event ends.

My pose is a new release from Lyrium Poses.  Lyrium has a bunch of new releases out at now at Equal10.  There are single poses, couple poses and even a matching backdrop.  My pose is from the Paris Series.  The couple poses are lovely also.  You will see one of those in a future post for sure.

My lingerie is a beautiful new set from ZK Store.  I chose to show the “rear” shot because I love the detail on the back of the panty.  The Alexa set is a beautiful lace with a small ruffle trim.  I am not a fan of too much ruffle on lingerie and the Alexa is just perfect.  You can find it at Frou Frou which is open now until March 8th.

Last but not least is the building I did my shot in.  It is from ~by Nacht and is currently at The Liaison Collaborative.  The Modern Studio features great textures and design details and look at that view!  You can fill the room with light with floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides and an interesting circular alcove which I think would make a great bathroom area…like just one big walk in shower…dual shower heads…heated floor…*shhh, I know you can’t feel the heated floor but just go with it*.

Ok…well if you made it this far you must be itching to get out there and see these things for yourself.  Check the credits for all the landmarks and go, go, go!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Mecca

Lingerie – ZK Store – Alexa Lingerie @ FROU FROU


DaD Virtual Living

Yin & Yang Bedroom Set (Adult or PG) @ FaMESHed X
Large & Small Rugs
Coffee Table

[Krescendo] – Majestic Chair @ Belle Event

by Nacht – Modern Studio @ The Liaison Collaborative

[ keke ] – Sphere Chandelier

Fancy Decor

*Julian Bar Cart Black*
Julian Ice Bucket
Julian Decanter
Julian Shaker
Julian Bowl of Limes
Julian Straws
Julian Martini Glasses
Julian Champagne Flutes
Julian Wine Glasses
Julian Wine Rack
Julian Books & Flask
Julian Martini Glasses

Beachstore– Romantic Sailboat


Lyrium Poses – Paris Series @ Equal10

The Yin To My Yang

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