Grandma’s Garden

Grandma's Garden

Featuring {Why Not?}

Grandma’s Garden

Grandma’s garden is grown with seeds
of love and warm sunshine,
sprinkled now and then
with a rain shower and
sown with patient, loving hands.


I am featuring 2 new releases from {Why Not?}.  First is the beautiful Amulree Arm Chair.  The chair is full of great single and couple animations and even has self rezzing props.  The chair and ottoman are all one piece and some of both the single and couple animations have you seated on the ottoman as well.  I love the bright floral pattern!  Perfect for spring. The Amulree Arm Chair is available in the main store and also on the marketplace.

Next is the Forgotten Garden Table Table.  This lovely grouping is a great addition to any garden and includes the watering can, pots and plants as well as the ivy covered, overturned chair.  The textures are great and feature a nice vintage patina.  The Forgotten Garden Table is currently available only in world at the main store.  You can find the landmark below in the credits!

P.S. I love you Gma (and Gpa too)! 💖



{Why Not?}

Amulree Arm Chair
Forgotten Garden Table
Heart Bunting Mix – Short – Pink
Topiary with Hearts Tall Pink
Topiary with Hearts Small Pink

Heart Garden CenterQueen’s Maiden Flowering Bush

anc – Curly Forest Grass Purple

Dysfunctionality – Twinkling Flower Bush

+Half-Deer+ – English Ivy

Studio Skye – Ancient Wall


Zac Brown – Grandma’s Garden

Grandma's Garden

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