Lazy River

Lazy River

Featuring The Little Branch

It’s times when I build a scene like this that I wish I owned a whole sim to landscape and decorate.  Then maybe I could leave a build or two (or 5) up for enjoying.  My Second Life is extremely quiet.  Most of my time is spent blogging and if I’m not doing that I can be found playing Hand & Foot or Greedy with my little group of friends.  Two people do count as a group, right?

What I am featuring here is a beautiful new tree from The Little Branch.  It is the Moon Flower Tree and it is currently available at Equal10.  It is animated with soft, gentle movement and and you can change the bloom color with just a click.  Shown here is lavender and the other options are white, pink, yellow and blue.  This tree is a must have with spring just around the corner.

Please pardon me now while I find a shady spot and enjoy my picnic!  Have a great day!



The Little Branch  @ Equal10

Moon Flower Tree


Wildgrasses Green
Sweet Garden Grass02 – Purple
Cliff Hill – Flower

Kalopsia – Orchard Chair w/ Blanket

Studio Skye

River Set
Skye Log Bridge

{vespertine} – Autumn Woods Picnic Basket


Gray Fox Static – Laying
Gray Fox Static – Standing

Lazy River

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