Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Featuring The Little Branch

Back in July I did a post where my write up was advice from a palm tree.  The Sago Palm tree from The Little Branch was used in that photo and that was well before I started blogging for them.  I was excited when I was accepted as an official blogger for them back in November after doing a 2 month trial run.  I thought that trial run was a great idea actually, for both of us.

I am going to offer up another bit of advice, this time from The American Chestnut but first I am going to share a bit of interesting information about the tree. (Am I the only one that Googles every bit of landscaping I blog? LOL)

The American Chestnut is a deciduous tree of the beech family and is native to eastern North America.  More than a century ago there were 40 BILLION of them growing in the eastern U.S.  They were one of the tallest and fastest growing with a rot resistant wood used for furniture, fencing and building.  Their nuts fed wildlife, people and their livestock until a blight fungus killed them off.  They had survived more than 40 million years and then disappeared within 40!  Here is an excerpt from the article that I found interesting;

“It is considered functionally extinct because the blight fungus does not kill the tree’s root system underground. The American chestnut has survived by sending up stump sprouts that grow vigorously in logged or otherwise disturbed sites, but inevitably succumb to the blight and die back to the ground.”

Poor tree!  It keeps trying and trying.  There is actually a foundation, The American Chestnut Foundation, whose mission is not just to preserve what we already have but to actually restore the species.  I hope they succeed!  Now on to the advice!

Advice From A Tree

Go out on a limb.
Reach for the sky.
Adapt to change.
Branch out.
Stay grounded.
Never stop growing.
Bend before you break.
Turn over a new leaf.



The Little Branch  @ Man Cave  – American Chestnut

HPMD  – Dirt Road – Dark Brown

DISORDERLY – Wood Be Spring Bucket

T-Spot – Flower Meadow

Mellow Yellow

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