Midnight Swims

Midnight Swims

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations!

I saw that phrase printed on a shower curtain and found myself amused thinking about how these things certainly apply to our “second” lives….especially the strange adventures part.  There is no shortage of those!  I’ve also had some great rambling conversations and a few exciting midnight swims too.  As for the deep kisses…well, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell does she? *Laughs thinking about my hubby looking around for a lady* Shhhh!

Anyway…if you need help with the midnight swim part, DaD Virtual Living can hook you up.  The Bellagio Hot Tub & Deck is their new release that you can find at Uber.  It comes in Adult and PG versions and is loaded with animations.  It can sit up to six avatars and includes animations for singles and couples.  It even has dancing animations that are better than you will find at some clubs! LOL  The “adult” animations are found in the hot tub…just in case you’re looking!

Uber just opened yesterday so be patient but be sure to go check it out.  Summer is coming and this is perfect for all of your summer entertaining.



DaD Virtual Living – Bellagio Hot Tub & Deck @ Uber

[Krescendo]  – Binge Watchers Blanket

Studio Skye

Skye Triple Palm Tall
Beach Dunes

Leonas Little Shop – Tropical Plant 7

The Little Branch – Wild Grass – Dry Animated

Midnight Swims

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