Smells Like Sunshine

Smells Like Sunshine 4KWM

Featuring Lyrium Poses and Vinyl

Favorite smells.  We all have them.  Some are popular among among a large number of people such as bacon, coffee, fresh baked bread and freshly cut lawn.  Another interesting on on the list was new books.  Myself, I prefer the smell of used books.  They are not very common anymore but I there is still one fairly close that I stop in from time to time.  It’s very relaxing to browse the shelves and enjoy the quiet.  Occasionally I even find a book to purchase though the only time I tend to read anymore is while soaking in the bathtub.  If I try to read once I get into bed at night I can’t even make it through a single chapter until I find my head bobbing.

On the other hand, one of the scents that was on the “dislike” list was bleach.  I actually love the smell of bleach.  Not necessarily right out of the bottle but I sometimes mix it with plain water and give a final rinse to my kitchen and mudroom floor.  I also put it in my dishwater sometimes, usually in the summer when flies have managed to get into the house and I just know they have landed on every plate, glass or piece of silverware.  Lord only knows what is on those hairy, sticky legs of theirs!  I have my mother to thank for this bit of fly vomit paranoia! LOL

My other personal favorites are line dried sheets, random scents that remind me of Disney vacations, old school Coppertone suntan lotion, freshly bathed and powdered babies, lilacs and hyacinth.  Most of these are also associated with great memories.  Perhaps that is what really makes them favorites.  How about you?  What are your favorites?


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Briana

Shorts/Hoodie – Vinyl – Luna Denim Shorts (includes optional tied hoodie) @ Uber

Top – Blueberry – Mina Tube Top

Necklace – KUNGLERS – Aisha Necklace


Minimal – Cuba Building 3 Yellow (gacha item)

[QE] Designs – Fruit Slice Wall Art


Lyrium Poses– Mona Still Stands Series @ Dubai Event

Smells Like Sunshine 4KWM

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