Mangrove Cove

Mangrove Cove 4K

Featuring The Little Branch and DaD Virtual Living

Who’s ready for vacation? THIS GIRL!  I am just in love with this scene.  I want to plop myself down in one of those chairs and stay until….well as long as I can call for food and beverage I’ll stay forever.

These beautiful mangroves are new from The Little Branch and are available at Uber.  They are animated perfectly with a soft, smooth movement and are 4 season as well.  If you live your second life on the beach they are a must have!

The cute little vintage beetle is a new gacha release from DaD Virtual Living and is available at The Arcade.  The Gardener Car is a decor piece that comes in 14 colors, two of which are rares.  The rares are super cute (aren’t they always) and are actually done in a his and hers style. Both have texture change flowers under the hood, on/off lights and single, friend and cuddle animations.  Remember, gachas are a game of chance so have fun and good luck!



DaD Virtual Living – The Gardener Car – Lemon @ The Arcade

The Little Branch – River Mangrove @ Uber

Studio Skye

Skye Triple Palm Tall
Skye Pebble Beach
Beach Dunes

 Las Islas  – Naimesh Hibiscus

Leonas Little Shop – Tropical Plant 4

LISP – Beachtime Deck Chair

{What Next} – Drinks Cooler (gacha item)

Mangrove Cove 4K

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