My Favorite Color Is Glitter

My Favorite Color Is Glitter 4K

Featuring Refuge, -XTC- PoSes and Izzie’s

Ok…Ladies…are you listening?  If you are a fan of glitter you MUST get this new eyeshadow from Izzie’s.  I love it so much!  If you follow my blog you know I have a link to what I call “Victoria’s Standards” and that is because I am a creature of habit 95% of the time with my “look”.

My skin hasn’t been made into a BOM version yet so I am still working with “onion layers”.  I wear blush and beauty marks so I always have to be careful with eyeshadows that use part of the blush layer because if they do I’m going to have to choose between blush or beauty marks and I don’t want to do that!  So you can imagine my excitement to find that this eyeshadow comes with 2 options, one that applies to eyeshadow, brows and blush layers OR just to the eyeshadow and brow layers!  This means no interference with my usual beauty products! YAY!  The Festival Eye Glitter works with most mesh heads and includes BOM.  It includes 6 colors and even comes with or without eye liner.  It is available at The Liaison Collaborative.  Hurry over and try the demo!  If you like glitter you will love it!

OK…I know I was excited about that eyeshadow but I was also excited about this beautiful pose from -XTC- PoSes.  I guess I am really picky about poses that I want to use for portraits or ones that provide a nice shot of the hands and this one is just so lovely.  It is one of six poses in the Body Language set that is currently at Pose Fair.  -XTC- has other other great poses available too, including single male poses, a couple pose and a cute one with puppy props.  Pose Fair starts TOMORROW!  It’s the 10th anniversary and you will find great poses and even some gifts!

Last but not least is this adorable little cloud light from Refuge.  The Whimsy Lighting  has animated sparkle, 3 color options and adjustable rods.  They will be super cute in your spring photos…little sparkling rain clouds for your garden.  You can find them at the main store.  Happy Friday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Eternity

Earrings – Izzie’s – Hoop Earrings

Eyeshadow – Izzie’s  – Festival Eye Glitter @ The Liaison Collaborative

Eyes – Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes – Nut

Ring – Cae – Sofia Ring


Refuge – Whimsy Lighting – Dawn


-XTC- PoSes– Body Language 2 @ Pose Fair

My Favorite Color Is Glitter 4K

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