Living Room Divas

Living Room Diva 4K

Featuring Sway’s, Diversion, Serenity Style, 22769 and [Cinoe]

Well here we are!  We have made it to another Saturday.  It’s funny how our idea of a great Saturday night changes with age.  From my late teens through my mid 20’s it was all about going dancing.  I ran with my girl posse most every weekend and we were all about finding the best club.  Best for us was determined by the type of music being played and the size of the dance floor. Dance floor size was important if you planned on having a spot of floor ready for when the “it” song came on. For a few weeks back in 1983 it was Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22.  If you weren’t on the dance floor within the song’s opening 10 seconds you may as well have stayed where you were and danced there.  Those were my “good old days”.

I remember the first time we all went to Monroe’s.  Monroe’s was on the top floor of Trappers Alley in Greektown (Detroit) and while it didn’t have the biggest dance floor around, it did have the loudest sound system.  If you were anywhere near one of the speakers you could actually feel the thumping on the inside of your body!  It was great!  We lived in the “burbs” and Greektown was a bit of a drive for us so we didn’t go often but we always had a great time when we did.  All of that has since made way for the casinos which are also a fun night out.  You won’t find casinos here in Alabama…hell, you can’t even play the lottery here!

These days I am more than content to spend my Saturday evening at home playing DayZ or ESO or sometimes going dancing in Second Life with my hubby and then getting comfy on the couch for a movie, some Netflix or completely random YouTube videos.

If you are spending your Saturday night in Second Life have fun, be safe and steer clear of pose balls if it’s the first date!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Betsy

PJ’s – OSMIA – Night Party Panties and T-Shirt

Earrings – Izzie’s – Hoop Earrings



Vince Sofa
Vince Coffee Table
Vince Books
Vince Vase & Bowls
Vondra Rug w. Fringe

Serenity Style  @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Sady Vintage Vinyl Fever Gacha*
Sady Record Player Station (RARE)
Sady Records Box (RARE)
Sady Records Box Coral
Sady Records Box Green Pattern

[Cinoe] @ The Liaison Collaborative

Acoustic Night Pizza
Acoustic Night Potato Chips
Acoustic Night Mix Nuts
Acoustic Night Beer Bottle

22769  – Piano Planter @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cheeky Pea – Delilah Blossom Sheer Curtain

Mutresse – Quirky Corgis #4  @ The Arcade

BALACLAVA – Bubble machine


Diversion @ The Liaison Collaborative

Out Loud  (Includes Hairbrush Microphone)
*This is a single pose – Avatars using pose 6 & 6M*


Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom

Living Room Diva 4K

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