Ramen On The Go

Ramen On The Go 4Featuring BALACLAVA, Sway’s, Kiru, zOOm and j!NX

Today I am featuring more items from the East Asia edition of Tlalli – The Fair Around the World.  If you haven’t stopped by yet you definitely need to go check it out even if it’s just to take in the sim design.  It looks amazing and there is a lot of interesting things to see!

I did a post earlier for the opening of Tlalli so you may recognize some of my landscaping here.  I took advantage of the decor and squeezed another post out of it.  It’s great when you can use a scene more than once.  It saves time and lets you enjoy the build a little longer, considering the average lifespan of a blogger scene is just a few hours.  Other than the landscaping, pretty much everything else is available at Tlalli-The Fair Around the World.  See the credits for full details and have a great Tuesday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Apple

Outfit – zOOm – Cerise Asian Romper @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World

Lipstick – j!NX– Two Tone Glossy Lipstick @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World


BALACLAVA – Azumaya Denjiro @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World

Kiru – Electric Pot @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World

Sway’s @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World

Yumi Rug
Yumi Table
Yumi Floor Pillow
Yumi Zen Garden
Yumi Potted Bamboo
*Other items included but not shown*
Tea Set
Room Divider

The Little Branch –  Crispy Grass

Studio Skye – Skye Bamboo Palm

Heart Garden Center – Japanese Anemone


INDIGO– Female Blogger Poses – Stand #20 (hand position modified by held pot)

Ramen On The Go 4

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