The Huntress

The Huntress 6K

Featuring *SK* and Black Cat Poses

“She was a mischief, and that was a satisfaction; no longer was she a huntress of corralled game”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night

I always look forward to *SK*’s releases for We Love Roleplay because I know it will be a picture a bit out of my comfort zone.  This one actually came rather easily as I had also just unpacked the pose and the idea for the pic immediately came to mind.

The Brizna top and pants are sold separately in great colors and there is also a fatpack with bonus content.  You can head to We Love Roleplay to try a demo and see all the different style and color combinations.

The pose is from Black Cat Poses and is available at Tlalli-The Fair Around the World.  It is part of the Jian set which features 5 great action poses and includes the mirror poses.

Have a great day and watch out for bears!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doe  – Crinkle Fries

Outfit – *SK* – Brizna (Pieces sold separately) @ We Love Roleplay


HPMD – Cliff Hill – Flower

The Little Branch – Oak Grass

Botanical – Douglas Fir

Just Animals – Brown Bear

Abby’s Absurd Accoutrements – Spear Thing (yes, it’s really named that..lol)


Black Cat Poses– Jian @ Tlalli-The Fair Around the World

The Huntress 6K

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