Bunnies and Blooms

Bunnies and Blooms 4K

Featuring Granola. and DaD Virtual Living

When the bunnies start coming out you just know spring can’t be too far away.  In fact we have just under a week now until it’s official.  The first day of spring is on March 19th this year and according to the extended forecast it’s going to be 68 degrees that day.  That sure ought to feel like spring! Oh..and did I mention rain….a 50% chance.  That ought to feel like spring too.

I am really getting the itch to get out and work in my yard.  We only bought this house last summer so I have got a good bit of spring planting to do.  I have plans to totally redo the existing flower bed off the back patio and fill it with beautiful perennials.  There is just a lonely but beautiful flowering bush and some lilies right now and I need way more color than that.

Today I am featuring items from Granola. and DaD Virtual Living.  The Gaia Collection is the group gift from February and it is so cute.  It includes the table and stools and a lemon bowl, paper towel and salt and pepper shake (not shown here).  It comes in a variety of colors and the blanket on the stool has a hud to allow color change as well.  Head on over to Granola. and grab the group gift (only 50L to join) and check out all the other beautiful home decor.

DaD Virtual Living’s new Hello Bunny Set is out and currently available at Anthem.  The set features 2 stuffed fabric bunnies, a basket with stuffed carrots and a cute bunny family print complete with furry little cottontails.  I love the neutral colors!  These will go with any decor.  “Hop” on over to Anthem and have a look.




Gaia Counter Table
Gaia Counter Stool
Distressed Dresser RARE (gacha item)

DaD Virtual Living  @ Anthem

Hello Bunny Pillow 1
Hello Bunny Pillow 2
Hello Bunny Carrots Basket
Hello Bunny Family Sign
Sady Records Box Green Pattern

Apple Fall

Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums
West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier

Old Barn Door  – Dream Bunny (included with Dream Nursery)

floorplan. – Vintage Egg Basket

[Brixley] – Vintage Decor – Soda Crate (Gacha items no longer in world)

PLAAKA – Dried Flower Hanger @ The Arcade

Heart Garden Center – Wild Flowers Loosestrife

Adi’s Stuff– The Red Barn


Here Comes Peter Cottontail – Sung By Danny Kaye

Bunnies and Blooms 4K

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