Vintage 70’s

Vintage 70's 4K

Featuring Crate and PinkMoss

Are you feeling groovy right about now?  You know that orange, brown and yellow wallpaper is working for you, right?  When I saw this set from Crate I was taken straight back to my childhood.  We had a stereo/record player just like this.  Back then the were an actual piece of furniture and over time the competition became to see just how small they could make the devices we now listen to our music on.

To go along with my 70’s theme I thought I would share some tidbits of info that you will remember well…if you were a child of the 70’s that is.

  1. You were the proud owner of a pet rock.
  2. You listened to 8 tracks in your home and even in your car.
  3.  You or a family member certainly had at least one yellow or orange kitchen  appliance.
  4.  You had wall to wall shag carpet.
  5. You begged your mother for Tiger Beat magazines and hung the pictures on your bedroom wall.
  6. You were in love with one or both of the Cassidy brothers.  (It was Shaun for me.)
  7. You did the “bump” with your friends. (Chill..it was a dance!)
  8.  You owned and proudly wore a mood ring.
  9. You learned grammar, science and math from Schoolhouse Rock.
  10. You went through several bottles of Love’s Baby Soft perfume.

How many of these apply to you?  They were great times and I love looking back on the memories.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane Crate!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – ELIKATIRA  – Ada

Pants – Addams – Ivy Skinny Flare Pants

Top – Just Because – Luma Tube Top

Tan Lines – Izzie’s – Bikini Tan Lines

Sunglasses – BAMSE – Peace Glasses 1960 RARE


Crate – Mondo Hifi Set @ The Liaison Collaborative

Mondo Hifi Phono Bar
Mondo Hifi Wood Woofer
Mondo Hifi Chair
Mondo Hifi Lamp

Mesh Plants – Hanging Fern

Dust Bunny – Potted Palm


PinkMoss– Ciao Nene #3 (fingers modified) @ Pose Fair


MFSB – The Sound Of Philadelphia 1973 (Soul Train Theme Song)

Vintage 70's 4K

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