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Play All Day 4K

Featuring Ecru at Pose Fair

Who doesn’t love a bit of sprinkler fun?  The designs they come up with for kids sprinkles are so cute and fun.  My daughters birthday is June 1st and because I planned many a birthday party for her I remember how wildly the weather could fluctuate at that time of year.  There were years it was freezing and years where it was scorching.

The year she turned 2 it was sweltering!  We were having a party with the aunts, uncles and cousins and had filled the little hard plastic blue pool and had the Little Tykes slide sitting half in and half out of it so when they slid down they landed in the water. It was a huge hit….until she opened her gift from my parents.  It was the Fisher Price fire hydrant sprinkler and it was all the rage among the kids AND adults.  Water came out of the top, it came out the sides, it came out of a hose you could freely wave around, generally soaking anyone in about a 12 foot range.

She loved it, her cousins loved it and all of us adults loved it.  Just proof you are never too old for some sprinkler fun!  So the next time you’re out walking the dog or riding your bike, don’t move to avoid your neighbors sprinkler….just run right through!  It’s only water and no, you won’t melt!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Entwined – Drew

Outfit –  Blueberry – Noelita Knotted Top and Shorts


CHEZ MOI – Inflatable Pastel Pool Fun

Trompe Loeil – Classic Backyard Fence

Heart Garden Center

Wildflowers Poppies


Garden Tree 08 Green

Hive – Vintage Garden Hose Cart

Seven Emporium  – Old Mower

PILOT & Can’t Even – Metal Tubs

Barnesworth Anubis – Monhegan Tinyhouse


Turquoise Cafe Circular Table
Turquoise Cafe Chair
Turquoise Cafe Flower Vase


Ecru – Sprinkles Pose Set (includes sprinkler) @  Pose Fair

Play All Day 4K

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