Nothing To Wear

Nothing To Wear 6K

Featuring Vinyl and Barley Home & Decor

I used to hate doing laundry.  Hated it because when I was working there always seemed to be so much of it.  I used to envy people that wore a uniform of any sort because how easy does that make getting dressed every morning!  I’m fortunate that I don’t have to work anymore so laundry is much easier these days.  My hubby takes his shirts to the cleaners for that whole ironing thing so the only thing I have to worry about now is what DID happen to that missing sock.  They both went into the dryer…right?  Most times I can find a missing sock somewhere through the house where my little Dachshund has dragged it off.  Apparently store bought dog toys have nothing on socks!  Hope you have a great, laundry free day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Entwined  – Brooklyn

Shirt – Vinyl– Budd Flannel & Undershirt @ Equal10


Barley Home & Decor

Portland Set
Washing Machine
Laundry Shelf, Trays, & Sign
Yumi Potted Bamboo
Back Table

BAZAR – Glam Female Closet

Dust Bunny

Laundry Room Clutter – Laundry Cart Filled
Laundry Room Clutter – Detergent Bottles

tarte. – Hanging Light

{What Next} – Fox Mug Decor

BellePoses – Cell Phone (Inc. in Friends 71)

EVHAH – Magazines


Lyrium Poses– Pose Collection – Model Pack # 14 (neck position modified)

*Tide box made by me*

Nothing To Wear 6K

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