Nobody’s Home

Nobody's Home 4K

Featuring MudHoney and Granola.

I’m not quite sure what it is about this room but I found myself staring at it much longer than I do my other decor pictures.  I think it is partly because it looks cozy and real.  By real I guess I mean it looks like someones real home…you know where not everything matches perfectly but still blends well together.  It also seems quiet….like the person who lives here may live alone.  I imagine they have just gotten home from work and are changing their clothes before sitting down to enjoy a glass of cold lemonade and watch the setting sun paint shadows across the room.  I  love that there is not a lot of shadow but enough to let you know that dusk is just around the corner.  I’m not sure if it’s the room or my current mood or both but I would definitely want to sit and stay awhile.

I’m featuring the Wren Living Room, a past release from MudHoney and the Anya Entryway Collection, a new release from Granola that is currently available at Equal10.  Both sets are full of color change options as well.  See the credits for a full listing of everything that is included in each set.




Anya Entryway Collection @ Equal10
*Items sold as a set or individually*
Trinket Jar
Watering Can


Wren Living Room
Sofa w/ pillows
Coffee Table
Vases – Tall & Short
Console Table
Poke Vase
Brass Frog
Floor Lamp

Dust Bunny

Potted Palm
Areca Palm Plant (basket color modified)
Water Garden – Sand Bottle
Spotted Begonia


Antibes Old Books Pile
Chalk Fridge

8f8  – Green Grocers Lemonade (gacha item)

{anc} – Cover Stool

DISORDERLY– Fresh Spring Lemon Centerpiece

ROOST – Bella Vista House

Nobody's Home 4K

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