Wrapped In Silk

Wrapped In Silk 4K

Featuring *SK*

So this is the first chance I have really gotten to talk about what is going on in the world.  I had a busy blogging schedule this month between Pose Fair and Tlalli in addition to my regular sponsors.  I did my ten Pose Fair posts quickly so that I could focus on my other sponsors by the middle of the month.  This means that posts were already written and scheduled when this Covid 19 virus really started filling our news and affecting our daily lives so I haven’t gotten to really comment on it until now.

Everyone is affected so differently, some more than others so I would just like to tell you all to stay safe and always err on the side of caution.  Alabama was one of the last states to report any cases but we do have them now and they are increasing daily.  I am thankful that I don’t work outside the home and am very much a homebody anyway so I am fine.  My husband works for Uncle Sam and they have closed his offices for at least a week starting today, which by the time you read this was actually this past Friday. We will use our time to binge watch several series we have going, play our computer games, play with the dogs and try to find the mini stay-cation the silver lining to this all.  Please be careful out there, be kind, be thankful (shout out to all those in the medical/related field) and just use common sense….now on to my featured item.

I am loving this Ginger Jumpsuit from *SK*.  The textures are great and I can just imagine the feel of all that silk against my skin.  The jumpsuit comes in 8 rich colors and you actually get two in each set, one solid and one in camouflage print.  The Ginger Jumpsuit is available at Sense Event.  Be sure to add Sense Event to your “go to” list!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – ELIKATIRA  – Nadia

Jumpsuit – *SK* – Ginger Jumpsuit @ Sense Event

Sunglasses – [Fetch] – Maxine Glasses

Purse – [DDL] – Breathe

Bracelet – Dahlia – Oxford St. – Colors


FOXCITY– Miss United Skates (hand position modified by purse animation)


Soul2Soul Mediterranean

Wrapped In Silk 4K

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