Signs Of Spring

Signs Of Spring 4K

Featuring Luc. Boutique

One of the earliest signs of spring for me are daffodils.  I had them at my old house and was always amazed at how early they came.  It always reassured me that warmer days were not far away.  We moved last summer and though there are no daffodils here there are some lilies that are coming up quite nicely…and a hosta!  It is pushing its way out of the dark and reaching for the sun.  I can’t wait to get started creating my new flower beds here!  Now if only the sun would cooperate! Today is nothing but rain, rain, rain but by the time you read this I think the expected high is supposed to be around 80F.  I will say the rain is certainly helping everything start to green up and that is a sure sign of spring too!

I am featuring some beautiful flowers and garden accessories from Luc. Boutique.  You can find them now at the main store.  Since so many of us are spending time at home it’s a good time to look around your own yard and neighborhood and check out the signs of spring! Stay safe and have a great day.



Luc. Boutique

Spring Daffodils with Red Vase
Spring Daffodils with White Vase
Antique Pagoda Candle Holder
Curious Snail Sculpture
Stargazer Lily, Potted
Log Riser
Bus Blinders

Serenity Style – Gardner Rabbit (White & Green)

tarte. – Charleston Fence

DRD – Gardenhouse Flower pot – Broken

Apple Fall – Classic Watering Can

Jian – Pekin Ducklings

Heart Garden Center – Ancient Stone Pathway

HPMD – Wildgrasses Green

The Little Branch – Moon Flower Tree

Signs Of Spring 4K

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