After The Rain

After The Rain 4K

Featuring Vinyl, KoKoLoReS, NAMINOKE and PosEd Poses

By the time you are reading this my hubby will be on day number…jeeze…like 19 of being off work.  It’s a good thing we really like each other!  *Laughs*  It has taken me a bit out of my normal routine because we are usually up by about 5 AM on a work day and that has dragged out to about 7AM over these past few weeks.  Then of course there is breakfast to fix (I usually just have cereal once he leaves for work) and catching up on the latest news, etc. and before I know it, it’s 10 AM.  He works for Uncle Sam and his office expects to be out until the end of April.  We are lucky because he still gets paid and that is a huge blessing and a major issue I am happy not to have to worry about.  So many other family and friends are without jobs now and it has to be really scary and stressful for them.  All I can say to everyone is hang in there….after the rain, surely the sun will shine bright!

I am featuring more goodies that can be found at The Liaison Collaborative.  Check out the credits for all the details!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – KoKoLoReS  – Lana (flowers not included) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Raincoat – Vinyl– Yesterday Raincoat @ The Liaison Collaborative

Earrings – Izzie’s – Flower Earring

Rainboots – [GOS] – Wellies

*Daisies in hair are modified from Planted Gerbera Daisies by Artisan Fantasy*


NAMINOKE –  Rice Fish & Umbrella Natural @The Liaison Collaborative

Heart Garden Center – Japanese Anemone

Just Animals – Cat Pouncing

FOXCITY – Floor Petals (included with Flutter Photobooth)

{What Next} – Winter’s Cottage (RARE)


PosEd Poses – Fallen Angel

After The Rain 4K

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