Nature’s Song

Nature's Song 4K

Featuring Sway’s

How Does It Seem To You?

It seems to me I’d like to go
Where bells don’t ring nor whistles blow;
Nor clocks don’t strike nor gongs don’t sound,
And I’d have stillness all around –

Not real stillness, but just the trees
Low whispering or the hum of bees
Or brooks’ faint babbling over stones
In strangely, softly tangled tones.

Or maybe a cricket or katydid,
Or the songs of birds in the hedges hid,
Or just some sweet sounds as these
To fill a tired heart with ease.

If ’tweren’t for sight and sound and smell,
I’d like the city pretty well;
But when it comes to getting rest,
I like the country lots the best.

Sometimes it seems to me I must
Just quit the city’s din and dust,
And get out where the sky is blue –
And say, how does it seem to you?

-Eugene Field

I am featuring a new bench from Sway’s.  The Flora Bench comes in green and white with a floral backrest and has single and couple animations.  It is available today and tomorrow for Wanderlust Weekend and is JUST 50L during the sale.  After that it will go to regular price so grab it before the sale ends!



Sway’s – Flora Bench White


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Nature's Song 4K

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