Her Summer Palace

Her Summer Palace 4K

Featuring DaD Virtual Living and The Little Branch

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am an optimist, a “glass is half full” person and so in the middle of this pandemic that has disrupted all of our lives I am still able to find some good in it all.  For me, it has been fresh air and sunshine.

My hubby has been off work for a few weeks now and we have started going on walks to get some of that aforementioned fresh air and sunshine.  I am thankful that we are not forced to go through this social distancing in the dead of winter or in the blasting heat of summer.  We can at least go outside and be comfortable.

Today I am going to air up the tires on my bike and take it for a spin.  Before we moved last summer we didn’t really live in an area that was good for bike riding….no sidewalks, no shoulder on the road and no trails.  We live in a quiet subdivision now and while there are still  no sidewalks there is a lot of wide road that has very little traffic and best of all…no big hills.  *Laughs*  I mean who needs hills…I’m trying to stay active, not kill myself.  I hope you are able to get a little fresh air and sunshine of your own today!

Today I am featuring the Byron Set from DaD Virtual Living.  The set includes the pavillion, climbing ivy and a hanging chair.  The pavillion is just beautiful and I love the tile on the floor.  Huds are included for the chair and ivy.  The options for the ivy are amazing.  You can choose between traditional season colors and also pretty pastel colors for spring and summer.  So pretty.  I am also featuring a new group gift.  It is the Hydrangea Pot that is beautiful in any setting.

Taking center stage in the photo is the beautiful Weeping Willow from The Little Branch.  I love weeping willows and these ones are so well done.  They are animated with the softest movement.  Just perfect!



DaD Virtual Living

Byron Pavillion
Byron Hanging Chair
Climbing Ivy
Hydrangea Pot (Group Gift)
Pink Hydrangea Pot A @ Uber

The Little Branch – Weeping Willow V2 Animated

Studio Skye

Enchanted Pond (modified)
Skye Wooden Bridge
Beach Dunes

HPMD – Wildgrasses Green

anc – Curly Forest Grass Purple

Heart Garden Center – Japanese Anemone

Her Summer Palace 4K

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