My Little Girl

My Little Girl 4K

Featuring PosEd Poses

PosEd Poses always knows how to tug at my heartstrings with their poses.  This one is no exception.  Precious Things is available at La Vie en Pose, which has just a few days left.

For my Katydid….almost 28…and still my little girl!

My Little Girl

Soft and cuddly, warm and wanting,
Love sprouting with every smile;
Blue jeans, sweatshirts, bobbie socks,
Clothes long out of style.

Kool-aid mouth, chocolate face,
Dirt between the toes;
On top of all of this,
Is powder on the nose.

Bubble baths and Snoopy soap,
Can wash away the grime;
But all of this and grown up clothes,
Can’t wash away the time.

Cause even when they’ve grown
And moved so far away,
Nothing can destroy
The way they are today.

From scraped up face and skinned up knees,
To ballerina twirl,
No matter what age she is,
She’s still my little girl.

– T. Alan Wilder


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Ubert

Shirt – Addams – Lexy T-Shirt

Shorts – Blueberry  – Ride or Die Shorts


HPMD – Shrub – Pink


PosEd Poses – Precious Things (includes props) @  La Vie en Pose

*Miss Snow is wearing Toddleedoo Baby Girl Body and Mina Mesh Head, Magika Beans Hair and Pink Sprinkles Frog Tee Outfit in purple.*

My Little Girl 4K

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