Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here 4K

Featuring ionic

Yes!  I wish I was there too!  I am so overdue for a vacation and I just don’t know if living them out in Second Life is cutting it anymore.  *Laughs*  This set from ionic is just picture postcard perfect though.  If you follow me on Facebook or Flickr you may have  seen a picture I posted recently of my new Traditional Linden home.  I had one of the Linden houseboats but then we decided we needed more beach. We ended up with the 1/4 sim you see here.  Now I had really only gotten the houseboat for the hubby who loves the water so when we upgraded I quickly released the houseboat and got a beautiful house I adore…..and it still has water…a cute little swimming pool in the backyard!

This all happened so recently that I had not even finished decorating the new beach so when I picked up ionic as a new sponsor it was perfect timing.  I will leave this set out and enjoy it daily until I can manage a real tropical vacation!  So, from my beautiful, tropical beach I will just say….Wish you were here!




Desert Party Gacha

Bamboo Deck Chair
Bamboo Deck Chair w/ Stuff
Coconut Drinks
Desert Camping Cart A – RARE
Desert Camping Cart B – RARE
Desert Paper Lantern
My Summer Stuff
Outdoor Shower
Picnic Basket
Picnic Table
Strawberry & Mango Breakfast
Swim or Surf Sign

Di’Cor – Maya’s Pallet Lounger

The Little Branch – Bottle Palm

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms Leaning

Wish You Were Here 4K

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