Cake 4K

Featuring Aphrodite Shope and Hazeel Poses

Every now and then you have to let your hair down and be a little bit naughty…right?  I mean we always say we do in Second Life what we can’t or won’t do in real life….and I definitely wouldn’t do this in real life….”this” being posing half naked.  The Pink Limoncello and the macaroons….THAT I can do! *Laughs*  So while this is not my usual sort of photo is was fun to do and it worked out well for showing a nice close up of this beautifully detailed Spring Exquisite Display tray from Aphrodite Shop.  You can find it at the current round of Cosmopolitan but time is running out so don’t wait!

I am also featuring a great pose from Hazeel Poses that can be found at the Pose Fair Market.  The Crea Paint pose comes with paper and paint palette props with built in pose or as a single animation as I have used it here.  I really love then the creators include the animations in a set so we aren’t forced to use the props.  Not that props aren’t great, because they are, but because sometimes I look at the pose and something else completely comes to mind other than the way it was presented.  Don’t forget that the Pose Fair Market is full of great new poses at greatly reduced prices, at least 50% off and there are gifts as well!

Now…who wants cake?


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Ambience

Panty – Foxes– Be Mine Polka Dot

Heels – N-Core – Jeane


Aphrodite Shop – Spring Exquisite Display @ Cosmopolitan


Hazeel Poses– Crea Paint @ Pose Fair Market


Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Cake 4K


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