Pick Up And Go

Pick Up And Go 4K

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

Where are my Tiny House Nation fans?  You are going to love this new release from Old Barn Door.  Every wanted to just pick up and go?  Well now you can!  This tiny house is FULLY equipped with everything you need to get off the grid for as long a nice extended getaway.

You can take it to the beach, the woods or even your in-laws driveway.  You definitely need to check it out in person to see just how loaded it is with option but let me hit some of the highlights for you.

For starters it comes out of the box with white wood siding and has modify permissions go you can color it to whatever color your heart desires.  You need simple editing skills and directions are included.  There are working lights, inside and out, that provide the perfect amount of ambient light…no bright glare here!  There is a flat screen television and a radio with a choice of popular songs.  The kitchen counters and the refrigerator have texture options built in.

Animations you ask?  Yes, everywhere.  How about props? Yes, those too!  The tiny house comes in PG and Adult versions with bento animations to match.  There are little details everywhere you look.  You will love exploring this little beauty, finding something new at every turn.

So let’s look back over the list. Living area?  Check.  Kitchen?  Check.  Bedroom and bathroom? Check and check!  You have several buying options as well.  You can purchase it as a full set (PG or Adult) which includes all items for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom or just the tiny house/bedroom version.  The other sets are sold individually as well should you want to mix them with your own furnishings.

I know the creator worked hard on this and put a lot of TLC into it and it shows!  You can see it in person at a special remote location.  Both the mainstore and remote location landmarks are in the credits!



{Old Barn Door}

Tiny House Cottage

The Little Branch – Snakeweed

Sway’s – Rhea Autumn Hangout Stepping Stones

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Canadian Geese

Aphrodite Shop – Fishing Chair Utensils Box (Comes with Couple Fishing Chair)

Studio Skye

Enchanted Woods
Skye River Set

HPMD – Sweet Garden Grass Green 02

Botanical – Douglas Fir

RevivalLog Stool

Soy – Campfire Set

DRD – Camp Chair Yellow

{What Next} – Fishing Rod (from Pine Ridge Chair)

Pick Up And Go 4K


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