Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market 4K

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Crate and Simply Shelby

Let’s start with the inspiration for this picture.  It is this beautiful Berkshire Stable from DaD Virtual Living.  Now once upon a time I lived in a converted barn in Second Life and it was one of my favorites so when I saw this I knew I wanted to blog it but I also knew I didn’t want to do a typical barn shot with horses and it didn’t have the right layout to do a “house” scene.  So what else happens in big old barns besides square dances?  Farmer’s Markets!  I love those and have started seeing fresh produce signs popping up on my few outings to the store.  I think I may dare to stop next time.  It’s certainly less crowded than the grocery store.

Let’s get to the details about what I am blogging.  Obviously the stable.  The stable features gorgeous textures, beautiful iron work on the stalls and is designed to go with any of DaD Virtual Livings brick style homes. It can house up to six horses (or cows or goats) and has working lights and ceiling fans.  The Berkshire Stable is available at FaMESHed.

Next up is the super cute table from Crate.  I think it’s such an original idea and I love original.  Maybe you have seen this before but I have not and I think it’s such a great idea.  It is the Tri Bike Table.  It includes animations for singles (female) and couples. The Tri Bike Table is available at The Liaison Collaborative.

Wrapping up today’s items is the Grass Patio Set from Simply Shelby.  I have the pieces a bit scattered in the photo but the set includes a sofa, chair, cement table and some cute flower patches (not shown).  They would look great in an outdoor setting and look super cute in my farmer’s market.  This set is also available at The Liaison Collaborative.  Simply Shelby has another adorable set there also.  You will definitely be seeing it in a future post.  Head to The Liaison Collaborative and you won’t have to wait for me!

Now on to the credits…and as with most decor shots, there’s a bunch!



DaD Virtual Living – Berkshire Stable @ FaMESHed

Simply Shelby @ The Liaison Collaborative

Grass Patio Sofa
Grass Patio Chair
Cement Table

Crate – Tri Bike Table @ The Liaison Collaborative

[Krescendo] – Hygge Holiday Coffee Table

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Little Thieves Goat Kid Standing
Little Thieves Goat Kid Perched

Chez Moi – Farmers Market Cart Wood


The Sweetest Spot – Strawberries Hanging
The Sweetest Spot – Strawberries
Green Grocers – Dial Scales
Green Grocers – Potato Crate
Green Grocers – Eggplant Crate
Green Grocers – Pear Crate
Green Grocers – Lemon Crate
Green Grocers – Market Trolley
Green Grocers – Strawberry Jam
Green Grocers – Banana Crate
Green Grocers – Salad Crate
Green Grocers – Strawberry Basket with Pricing
Green Grocers – Banana Tasting Set
Green Grocers – Tutti Frutti
New Beginnings – Milk Containers


Bumble Lemons
Gaia Lemon Bowl

Luc. Boutique– Hibiscus

Artisan Fantasy – Potted Gerbera Daisies

Dust Bunny

Strawberry Season – Strawberry Plant
Strawberry Season – Bowl of Berries

{What Next} – Provence Bowl of Strawberries

{Old Barn Door} – Cheese Board

.peaches. – Countryside Picnic – Cheese Tray

PILOT & Can’t Even – Metal Tubs

hive – Milking Stool

Velvet Whip – Lemon Water Jar 2

Apple Fall

West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier
Lemon & Lime Water

Just Animals – Milking Cow Standing

floorplan. – Farmer’s Market Sign

DISORDERLY – Spring Fresh Lemon Centerpiece

Prestige Furniture – Watermelon

Heart Garden Center

Window Boxes – Geraniums  @ FaMESHed

 POST – Genesee Bushel Basket

Total Destruction – AS Old Tractor

Farmer's Market 4K

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