Happy “Mothering” Day!


Happy _Mothering_ Day! 4KFeaturing ionic and {Old Barn Door}

Mother’s Day is a bit bittersweet this year.  It will be the first Mother’s Day since my daughter had a miscarriage last October.  It would have been her first child and she was in her fourth month so we thought everything was fine, having cleared that first trimester where problems are more likely to arise.

I can only imagine the heartbreak she will feel on this day, along with the heartbreak she still feels every day.  I understand why some women dread Mother’s Day but it did get me thinking.

I don’t think you necessarily have to have given birth to be a mother.  The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless. Being a protector, a disciplinarian and a friend are all “mothering” qualities.  Being selfless and loving is to be a mother.  Caring for and taking care of someone is “mothering”.  We mother step children, nieces and nephews, husbands and boyfriend/girlfriends.  Single fathers mother their children.  We mother our friends and the children of our friends.  We mother our fur babies and we even mother our parents.

Yes, I know it is not exactly the same but I don’t think Mother’s Day has to be a day to be dreaded either.  Just because you may not have given birth to a child doesn’t mean that you don’t love and use those mothering skills on the people who matter to you and it doesn’t mean you are loved any less by those who have been on the receiving end of your “mothering” love, care, nurturing and protection.

So to everyone who uses their “mothering” skills on those you love, care for and protect, whether human or pet, I say Happy Mothering Day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Magika  – Sage

Romper – CandyDoll – Dayanis

Barrette – Cae – Gem Barrette



*Kittens Gacha*
Kitten Table
Kitty Chair
Kitten Bunk Bed
Kitten Throne (RARE)
Gizmo Kitty
Maggie Kitty
Felix Kitty
Elian Kitty
Gala Kitty
Shadow Kitty

{Old Barn Door}

Mothers Day Tulips White
Love & Thanks Greeting Card

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Field Mouse Sitting
Field Mouse Standing

The Artist Shed

Vintage Spring Pouffe Rose
Tatty Birdhouse
Wonderwater Land Aquarium

Apple Fall – Reclaimed Corbel Shelf


Cat Clutter Toys, Toys, Toys (Neutral and Pink)
Cat Clutter Scratching Post Pink
Cat Clutter Bowl of Kibble Pink
Cat Clutter Bowl of Fish Neutral


Hanging Bougainvillea Plant – Yellow
Hanging Bougainvillea Plant – Pink

Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – Old Milk Glass Vases

Trompe Loeil – Baybrook Framed Print (modified)

OPI – Overlapped Curtain Voile 2

{What Next}

Small Book (cover modified)
Winter’s Cottage RARE


Lyrium Poses – Bento Sits Set 1 – Pose #9

Happy _Mothering_ Day! 4K


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